GamerDisco Summer Party
The Book Club

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Wed 16/08/2017 from 19h30 to 23h59/strike>

The Book Club
100 Leonard Street
EC2A 4RH London
United Kingdom
We are back for a summer party!! Hide from the rain with us and drink drinks, play games and listen to some sweet tunes!!
Sooooooo what games do we have you ask... well...
CRAZY TAXI - Dreamcast
Ever wondered what it's like to be an Uber driver? This month you can with SEGA's classic open world racing game CRAZY TAXI. Skidding around the streets of a fictional City picking up fares and impressing them with your mad driving skills.
Get ready for a time trial tournament on the fantastic Sega Dreamcast
SONIC - MegaDrive
Down A A A A A A A A - Speeed boost your way through levels as fast as a Japanese blue hedgehog can in our Sonic Time Trail competition!
8-Brick DMG:
8-BrickDMG is a music project started by Jason Aquino-Evans who uses old hardware such as the Nintendo Gameboy. Combined with his laptop, he is on a mission to create music which he finds emotionally moving and bring fourth creations other people may enjoy.
DJ JetSetRory:
Everyones fave returns to The Book Club to bring you the finest in Monkey Raffle, Chip Tune, Gaming Themes, Jpop and Paarrrrrty Mixes!