Building Data Science Summit - NYC

Thu 26 October à 14:15

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

General Assembly
New York

Hello friends, it’s been awhile. I hope you’re well.

I’d like to take two minutes to share with you what we have accomplished together in The Data Scientist meetup groups (Boston, NYC, SF, et al) over the years and where the BDSS team and I are headed going forward. I appreciate your time in advance.

Our goal when starting this meetup five years ago was to help you understand the various roles within data science and how they align to maximize the value for the business.

In my day job as a Chief Data Scientist, I, like you, face these challenges directly. For instance I’m seeing candidates that can improve how they market themselves. Some practicing data scientists have an opportunity to better manage the research process. Managers are still struggling when conveying the true benefits of data science to the broader organization. Others within the organization still question data science’s benefit.

In my opinion these challenges are avoidable, though, as, by-and-large, they emanate from a lack of a strong, cohesive community.

That’s why my team and I have set out on a journey this year. Our goal is to establish 500 mentoring relationships by the end of 2017. In effect, we want to help the community to build better data science.

Our first initiative was The Building Data Science Summit (BDSS) Boston where we introduced three core elements -- the Aspirants Bootcamp, the Mentors Cafe, and the Building Data Science Leaders Roundtable. From what we learned there we’re extremely motivated and excited to keep moving forward and help the data science community perform better.

Among the many delightful insights we learned was that 100% of participants would recommend the BDSS to a friend. 96% rated the event great to excellent.

We believe you too will find the BDSS very valuable and walk away from it with the ability to operate more effectively regardless where you are on the data science career spectrum.

We now want to bring the BDSS to NYC. We’re pleased to announce Early Early Bird registration is now open. The event is October 26-27 and EEB will end Sept 1st. Regular Early Bird will end September 15th.

We sold out the last event and judging from the feedback from some of you, NYC will too.

We hope to see you there!

John & the BDSS Team