Explore the Multi-Cultural Halls of Dekalb Market (A Comfort Series)

Sat 16 September à 20:00

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

DeKalb Market Hall

It's time to gorge out on goodness. The Dekalb Market Hall is the new "Smorgasborg" in town. With 40+ vendors in this new hall of decadent food there is no shortage of options for the hungry, the vegans, the pescatarians or anyone else in between.

This rebuilt space is one of the emerging hubs in NYC on the culinary scene and is making waves as the next new big thing. Housing a cocktail bar, a craft beer stop and acting as a hub for grand culinary experiences I figured this is something that we foodies must check out.


This will likely turn into a free foraging trek to check out most of the vendors in the Market Hall. I will be acting as your spiritual foodie guide for those that need suggestions. Since everyone will want to try a bunch of different things we will band up together, check out some of the goodies, get some drinks and find an area to chill in. Join us for this vast exploration of world and local cuisine at the Dekalb Market Hall.



Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Foolinary/events/242277902/