🎭 Secrets & Lies Party: What's Your Secret?

Sun 27 August Ă  00:00

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

New York

Everybody has secrets. Everybody has told a white lie. Tonight you'll try to figure out which is which. Think of this as one part game, one part social experiment. You'll enjoy a relaxed semi-private happy hour where you'll mingle and try to figure out each person's secret.

Age Range: Singles 25-45



Prepay here: https://musecret.eventbrite.com

Name tags

Venue gratuity

Host fee for travel expenses (gas/parking/Metrocard), checking in guests, managing event, and tabulating prize winners

Print outs & pens

Includes free admission to Traffic Party being held at World Bar a few blocks away.


How it will work:

When you register, you'll be prompted to share one secret. That secret will be printed along with the others on a sheet of paper.

You'll check-in and Your host will give you a name tag, a pen, and a Secret Sheet.

While we wait for all guests to arrive, you'll be encouraged to mingle with other guests. Use this time to deduce which secret belongs to each guest.

When everyone has arrived, you'll meet a number of the guests one on one.

The whole time, you'll be filling in your sheet, writing the name of the person you believe is associated with each secret.

You'll turn your sheets in and the host will reveal which guest belongs to each secret.

You'll continue to mingle while the host will tabulates who guessed the most secrets correctly. The two people with the most correct answers will win prizes.

If you're shy or have to leave early, we will help you stay in touch with other guests.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/nyc-bbq-lovers/events/242293536/