“Expand Your Levensraum”
The Anti-Social Networking Club

Fri 25/08/2017 from 20h00 to 23h00

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

Levenshulme, England, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
We had other names:
“Bevvies in Levvy”
“Lev Life to the Full”
“Levverly Hills 90210”
But if you’re going to make puns as appalling as these, as the internet tells us, everything ends with Hitler. So apologies for the title.*
Levenshulme: smoky, poor, roughed-up, Irish and overlooked – and now gentrifying fast. The old pubs are becoming wine bars; the kebab shops becoming pizzerias; the crumbling terraces are becoming DINK apartments.
So the The Anti-Social Networking Club ventures out onto the mean streets for... well, for a piss-up basically, in the form of the “gentrification pub crawl” to see old Levvy before it disappears for good.
We love Lev. For all its dirt and grit; for all its change. So we’re meeting for cheap points and an alcohol-fuelled cross-section of south Manchester society this Friday. If you’re interested contact me Dale on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dalelately) or text 07748 370521 for precise "meet deets" nearer the time.
Lev life to the full x
* Much of the panel of the The Anti-Social Networking Club is of Jewish descent.
Source: www.facebook.com