I'm Getting Tired of Bargaining - Heroclix Battle Royale
Cheap Thrills

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Wed 16/08/2017 from 18h30 to 21h30/strike>

Cheap Thrills
Unit 3, Central Market, Scarrots Lane
PO30 1JP Newport
United Kingdom
700pt Modern Age
4 non-free actions per turn.
All characters may use Probability Control.
Whenever a character uses Probability Control it's combat values are decreased by 1 until the end of *IT'S OWNER'S* next turn.
**** Please note the slight change to the above rule from previous events ****
When the game ends (last man standing or we will call time and finish the current round at 10:00pm) the player with the most victory points scored will be the winner.
This will be played on 2 or 3 (depending on number of players) large maps with a SHOCK THE TURTLE rule in place. At the end of each round the maps will decrease in size by 1 square with any characters outside the new edge taking 2 clicks of unavoidable damage before placed in the closest legal space.
Winner - Colossal Dormammu LE
Participation - Double sided bystander chip
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