Bury Tomorrow + Loathe - 09.11.17

Thu 09/11/2017 from 19h00 to 22h30

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

14 George Street
BA1 2EN Bath
United Kingdom
Bury Tomorrow bring their #StageInvasionTour to Moles on Thurs Nov 9th!
"In a genre full of sugar coated, cookie cutter bands mixing singing and screaming to identical effect, BURY TOMORROW are a breath of fresh air… Their melodies are rich and soaring, guitarist Jason Cameron’s husky singing tones invoking the classic 80’s stadium rock vibe, whilst frontman Dani’s monstrous roars and energy coupled with the water-tight riffs of the band make for a salivating prospect.
After numerous tours around the world with the likes of ATTACK ATTACK!, WHILE SHE SLEEPS, OTEP, ALESANA, OF MICE & MEN, ASKING ALEXANDRIA and many many more, BURY TOMORROW are set to make a devastating return to the fold with their follow up offering, „The Union Of Crowns“, released worldwide this Summer through Nuclear Blast.
Taking the foundation laid down by „Portraits“’ and building on every aspect of that sound, „The Union Of Crowns“ is packed to the brim with infectious hooks and city leveling breakdowns. A strong theme of Monarchy runs throughout the album playing on various metaphorical and literal scenarios. This is a darker, heavier, more focused record from BURY TOMORROW but one that still retains an enormous sense of melody.
BURY TOMORROW have now engrained their name into the upper echelons of Metal, and have created an unquestionably strong record through „The Union Of Crowns“. Are you ready??
After selling out London’s KOKO and triumphant sets at Reading and Leeds Festivals, BURY TOMORROW release new single ‘Earthbound’ on 1st November. The track is taken from their forthcoming album by the same name. Their last cycle saw them tick off UK, Europe, Russia, Japan, US and Australia. They plan to go even bigger this cycle…"
"Loathe are an anonymous and stringent collective of 5 – (some might call it a ‘cult’ or ‘gang’) formed in an unknown part of the UK. Members are only identifiable by their assigned three lettered initials; DRK, DRT, SNK, MWL & NIL.
They are said to demonstrate a ‘hive-mind’ mentality, possessing traits which are somewhat detached and robotic. Vague; perhaps hardly human.
They are led by front man DRK – who is their commander and luminary. DRK is identified by his ‘prophetic’ mask which is always carried with him or worn… of which the significance is unknown.
Loathe are bonded together on several strict & confidential principals.
Their live shows have been said to be cryptic, un-nerving, and uncomfortable. Some say a dark and sinister experience.
Loathe’s debut EP ‘PREPARE CONSUME PROCEED’ is a heavy and compelling release; ominous and accomplished. It is a conceptual audio representation of this arcane ‘hive-mind mentality’ which is displayed by the obscure 5. "
→ Thursday Novmeber 9th at Moles, Bath.
• Doors: 7.pm / Advance from www.moles.co.uk
• Tickets on sale Wednesday Aug 2nd at 10am
• 14+ (Under 16s to be accompanied by an adult.)
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