Introduction to SQL (2 Sessions)

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Practical Programming
New York

Structured Query Language for Data Science, learn the core concepts of databases as well as how to write effective SQL queries.

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Two sessions is only $69

Aug 18 - 7.15pm - Start day

Aug 25 - 7.15pm

What this course is about:

This workshop will teach you the core concepts of databases as well as how to write effective SQL queries you can use in your everyday work. We will spend a quarter of the workshop reviewing database theory and the majority of the time going through examples. The session will be highly interactive and engaging - questions are encouraged!

This workshop will take place over two 1.5h sessions, one week apart. There will be homework exercises between sessions.

Who this program is for:

This workshop is for beginners. We will start with basic examples and gradually move toward more complex SQL queries. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to write SQL and work with databases to solve business problems and produce management reports.

You will learn:

• What databases are and why they are important

• The different “flavors” of databases

• Connecting to your work’s database

• The four operations you can perform on data

• The fundamental parts of a SQL query

• Analytical queries: GROUP BY

• Subqueries and Joins

Prerequisites & Preparation:

• Laptop