How To Powerfully Listen To Others
JCI Glasgow

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Most people walk through life never being taught how to Actually listen to others.
We all listen to people on a daily basis but most of us aren’t even listening.
You see the problem here is the deaf leading the deaf. This concept to most people is strange, as it is only listening… right?
Wrong.. This is one of the most important skills you could ever develop and the problem is no one is teaching it.
To make matters worse the people that do know how to listen to others properly don’t want you to know what they are doing as that then takes the leverage and power they have over you away.
If you were to try and work out how to listen to others powerfully yourself it would take you a lifetime and even then you may never be able to figure it out.
Sometimes we just need someone to direct us in the right way when we are going down the wrong road without even knowing it.
Save The Date – Tuesday 22nd August 6pm
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They say the words we use are only a small percentage of the overall communication we are tryingto potray – tonality and body language also play a massive role in your communication
We are going to dive right in and give you the step by step process for how you can powerfully listen to others from now on by not only listening to there words, but there body language, tonality, the context behind the situation etc
Imagine once you have left this seminar a prospect client is giving you an objection and as you have powerfully listen to them you not only know the objection but the objection behind the objection.
Imagine having a conversation with that loved one and knowing exactly where they are coming from and why they are feeling that way and knowing exactly how to rectify the situation.
Imagine having the power to know the real meaning behind people’s words and acting based on that powerful information.
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