Seichim Healing Mastery level Attunement
The Creative Heart Centre

Saturday 26 from 10h00 to 15h00

Timezone : Sydney (GMT+10:00)

The Creative Heart Centre
6 Lee st
2147 Seven Hills
This Initiation calls to your soul to once again merge and guide you to step deeper into your own unique and authentic WISE, LOVING AND POWERFUL SELF.
For you to be guided to this powerful initiation you ARE READY, to take your place alongside the master initates, master teachers and healers who have walked the path of alchemical healing and self-exploration. Those who assist and oversee life on the planet and its evolution.
All is one, one is all.
You will find that the first level of Seichim is to awaken the heart and allow spirit to once again reside within, and clear your central channel of fearful and controlling beliefs that restricted your energy and potential on the planet.
The Master Initiation:
- Soul Merge. Your body is prepared for the soul body to merge with the physical body in a foundation of unconditional love.
- Master Imitation Attunement, guided by spirit.
- Experience new Master symbols and practice working with them on others.
- Enhances your Inner vision to open and explore your multidimensional self.
- Clear the channel so you can respond to spirit effortlessly.
- Experience an unconditional loving space, raising your vibration so you can explore your potential, doubt free.
- To feel beyond the surface and discover the truth that lies within.
- Assist you to live your life more intuitively.
- Comprehensive manual, including attunement steps allowing you the gift of being able to pass these powerful initiations onto others.
- Certificate of Master level completion.
This is the path of the true healer to heal oneself and share the knowledge gained via experience, for this is wisdom filled with light and learning.
Affirmation to assist your soul merge
'I am that which makes my soul Rejoice'
Saturday 26th August, 10am till 3pm.
cost $375
At Seven Hills.
Special: Pay for both Levels 1 & 2 upfront and pay only $555 (Save $70)
Bookings essential through the website