Summer Beginners Course
Kizomba Noroeste

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Mon 17/07/2017 from 19h00 to 20h00/strike>

Cube Bar
2 Breck Road
FY6 7AA Poulton
United Kingdom
Instead of closing for summer Kizomba Noroeste likes to use the six weeks to do a fantastic introduction course to kizomba.
STARTING MONDAY 17/7/17- 28/8/17
The aim is to get you dancing to a good level in just six weeks. Learn in a fun ,informative way and it sticks is our way.We shall concentrate on basics and show you how to use them with imagination.
We have ajudantes(helpers) to answer any questions and help you along.
If you are kizomba curious ,stuck for the summer months with Monday telly then come and learn something new and truly amazing.
Course is payable in advance and the advantage of that is that you pay only for five of the six weeks, the sixth class is therefore free as a thank you.
Course is £25 payable in advance with sixth lesson free
£5 per class