Women's Circle (Meditation)
The Spiritual Realm /GypsyGirls readings by Kate

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Tue 20/06/2017 from 19h00 to 21h00/strike>

The Spiritual Realm /GypsyGirls readings by Kate
482 Main Rd Wellington Point
4160 Wellington Point
Goddess Circle
Call Kate now on 0411 254 880 to book.
Our Goddess Circle will be held every Tuesday night at 7pm to 9sih.
Cost $10
My aim here is to help empower women
It's not just about doing Meditation and Spiritual Development
It's the whole idea of sisterhood. Supporting one another, Celebrating life, everyone joining in and doing something so we don't become stale. Socialising. Meeting up with other groups.
I want to encourage you all to contribute your wisdom. This can be very empowering, whether it be on healthy life style cooking, exercising, workshops, skills you are able to pass on, encourage friendship. The intentions is to work together. Plan events together, put in your ideas for our Goddess Circle. The ways of The Goddess as a way of life is about connection with nature, respect for oneself and each other, and respect for our planet. Regardless of what religion or belief. The Goddess embraces the sisterhood of the Sacred Feminine throughout all, and the power and support that the connection brings. Share and build a passion for positive change.
This is not a professional counselling service. It is for each woman to take responsibility for their own issues and seek out professional guidance were necessary. We will go on trips out. visit sacred sites, country side or beach walk, meals out together.
Did you know? Meditation is the best form of medication! It helps us on so many different levels:
Lowers high blood pressure
Helps reduce anxiety attacks
Increases serotonin production that improves mood and behaviour
Improves the immune system
Helps increase your energy levels
Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that helps promote healing.
Anxiety decreases
Creativity increases
Happiness increases
Intuition develops
Gain clarity and peace of mind
Problems become smaller
Expands your consciousness
And a whole lot more...
Clear your mind at one of our guided meditation classes.
Please bring a plate to share (something healthy)
After the class enjoy a cuppa, tea leaf reading and chat on all things spiritual and connect with like-minded people.
Keep an eye out for our special group outings either by email or on Facebook "The Spiritual Realm/GypsyGirl readings by Kate"
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