Summer Series Mommy Bootcamp! Tues 9am @ Muriel Hepner

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Tue 20 June à 15:00/strike>

Muriel Hepner Park

Let's kick off the Summer with an 8 week Mommy Bootcamp series!

The cost of the class is $10 BUT when you commit to all 8 classes at once, you'll only pay half price. I have found that this is just enough of a commitment to get you and your kids outta the house. If you've never taken Mommy Bootcamp, but you'd like to try it out, here's some of the basic details. We'll do a group warm up, then move into some circuit training, and then finish up with a little group workout and cool down. Things will be a little different this time! I'd like to know what your intention/goal is for the 8 weeks. This way you will have a focus and at the end 8 weeks you won't be like "well, what'd I do?" This will also help you stay motivated to show up. Participants always tell me how much they love having this class on their schedule, because it's a double whammy- get the kids outta the house AND get yourself some much deserved 'Mommy Exercise Time'. Another little difference is that I'm going to require 5 people minimum to commit to the 8 weeks up front in order for me to keep the class going. If there are less than 5 people interested, then we should talk personal training instead of class options. (it's still reasonably priced).

If you don't know who I am or why I'm teaching this class, you can check out my youtube vids and get yourself some free workouts while you're at it:

As always, I will cancel day of in case of rain and we'll just extend the series out an extra week. Feel free to ask me any questions in my Tribe group at