Just Days left to pass Universal Healthcare in New York! #NYHealthActNow
Chaque semaine les lundi jusqu'au 26 juin 2017

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Just Days left to pass Universal Healthcare in New York! #NYHealthActNow

2 ACTIONS EVERY DAY: Keep the pressure on Governor Cuomo – his silence and inaction will not be tolerated.

(I just got off the phone with one of the Governor’s staffers. She told me they’re getting lots of calls asking the Governor to sign the bill if/when it hits his desk – but not many asking him to make sure it gets that far. Let’s turn up the heat!!!)

1. CALL GOVERNOR CUOMO’S OFFICE AGAIN and insist he speak out loud and proud in support of the New York Health Act and stop enabling democrats who are soft on this legislation (Script below) Andrew Cuomo:[masked] and choose option 2 for a person

2. TWEET AT GOVERNOR CUOMO and tell him that his silence on the New York Health Act is unacceptable – he must be its most powerful and effective advocate (tweet script below)

3. Bonus: Invite your friends to join the effort.
Reach out to someone in your network that could benefit from single-payer health care (i.e., basically anyone) and let them know it can be a reality but only if Albany acts now.

Rally on!

Hi! I’m calling to ask if the Governor has any plans to speak out publicly in support of the New York Health Act, which is presently stalled in the Senate. [spoiler: he doesn’t]. Then I’d like to leave a message and respectfully request that the Governor please exercise his leadership and utilize his considerable platform to put pressure on the Senate to bring the bill to the floor for a vote, and pass it. Thanks!

Attention @NYGovCuomo – your silence on the New York Health Act is unacceptable. Speak up & get this bill to a vote in the @NYSenate

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