Transformational Breathwork
Love of the Earth

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Mon 19/06/2017 from 18h00 to 22h00/strike>

En Evant Dance Stuido's
319 W 18th St
82001 Cheyenne
United States
Self Investment~ Sliding Scale $20-$40
Location~ En Avant Dance Studio B (Upstairs)
319E 18th St Cheyenne, WY 82001
Enter at the door to the left of Blossom Yoga
We are located just above the space we have used prior! Its a bigger space!!!
The most powerful tool YOU possess is YOUR BREATH!
Express, Explore, Expand, Excite through Transformational Breathwork with Amanda.
Group Breathwork is a great opportunity to dive deep within your personal experience while cultivating a more meaningful and deeper Spiritual connection through the support of community and the collective consciousness.
Group sessions are a great way to break free from self judgement and self-doubt through the reflection of other beings on their journey. In this society laced with the illusion of separation, this Sacred, Safe, Creative space cultivates a place where we can all find that common link, the Breath.
The power of intention in numbers can be a greatly impacting experience. A group Breathwork typically runs 3-5 hours.
This process begins with group circle processing where each individual has the opportunity to participate in a 4-part check in (physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual), with Access Consciousness verbal processing and to set the intention of what you want to release and what you want to call in.
At that point the group dives into the blindfolded musical journey with Shamanic Breath Techniques paired with special music toned to chakra frequencies and put together to take you through a journey of SELF. The combination of the breath and the music give you the space to naturally alter your consciousness from your thinker/doer/planer left brain to your expansive, imaginative, creative right brain.
Upon completion of the Breath we will meet in sacred silence and you will be provided with Mandalas to color to complete your process as words are a bit intangible. through your art process grounding is completed and sealed with a closing circle of gratitude.